Dream service for your dream break room

Kansas City and Northwest Missouri experts in making your break room visions a reality.

Unique services

From ice cream every Friday to annual pizza parties, we can personalize multiple types of refreshment solutions.

Wellness focused

We partner with locations on providing healthy options, such as Gourmet Fresh foods, that support corporate initiatives.

All-in-one provider

Get the products, service, and supplies you need for the break room all from one company with exceptional service.

Decades of experience

Our service business has been around since 1971, meaning we know what works and how to treat customers right.

Family values

Being locally owned and operated gives us the opportunity to work with neighbors, friends, and family.

Custom break rooms

We don’t just handle service, but make your break room design ideas a reality from start to finish.

Enjoy more with USConnect

As part of the USConnect family, Superior Vendall can offer our customers a lot more. From custom coffee roasts at value prices to sales and purchasing promotions in vending machines, there are any number of ways to benefit from our membership in USConnect.

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Count on us

Quality isn’t just a word, but our mission in providing dedicated break room services and products.

As a Sodexo Alliance Partner we can offer food service and facility management nationwide.

Get more from our alliance with food service and facilities management experts.
Part of the national association dedicated to excellence in convenience services.
Our member status entitles our customers to positive benefits, such as sales promotions.
Long-term employees who receive regular training sessions to ensure the best service.
When you want the best in Kansas City and Northwest Missouri, contact Superior Vendall at 816-241-8600 or info@superiorvendall.com.