Create the social workspace top
Kansas City employees crave

Professional solutions for Kansas City businesses from vending machines to office coffee service to micro-markets.

In the war to win over long term employees, we are your ally by elevating your break area into a refreshing space that inspires interaction.

Bring the coffee shop to your break room

Transform ordinary office coffee service into a workplace cafe that boosts morale and improves the feel of your Kansas City site. We have everything you need from single-cup coffee brewers to a variety of creamers and sweeteners.

Draw employees together on site

Providing free food, snacks, and drinks creates an interactive workplace where ideas are brainstormed and solutions implemented. Superior Vend makes it easy by procuring the products, delivering them and tracking sales so you get one invoice and no hassles.

Shop your break room with the
open micro-market concept.

Empower healthier choices with tasty and nutritious offerings.

Vending machines designed with the
latest innovations built right in.

Let us make your break room extraordinary.

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Vending machines in Kansas City
Bring in the professionals ready to revitalize your company culture through better refreshments — Superior Vendall at 816-241-8600 or