Cafe-quality coffee

Select the perfect coffee for your needs, from national brand names to local favorites.

Traditional solutions

Tried and true, our reliable coffee brewers deliver a large volume of delicious coffee.

Personalized beverages

Opt for the sophisticated single-cup brewers that offer more variety using one machine.

Savor a cross-country
coffee break

Enjoy Route 66 coffee at your Kansas City or Northwest Missouri business and be transported. Custom roasted beans are blended to inspire thoughts of major cities along the historic Route 66. Enjoy the mellow flavor of California blonde or the heady aroma of the Rocky Mountain 100% Colombian coffee. We have an entire line, all delicious and ready to make your coffee break something special.

Office coffee service in Kansas City
Office tea services in Kansas City
Kansas City tea services

Option-rich tea service

Make time to take tea with our classic flavors and new blends
that will have tea-lovers raving.

Tea is an increasingly popular drink in Kansas City and Northwest Missouri. Known for its benefits to health, especially green tea, tea is replacing other beverages as the must-have option. Ensure your break area has the range of tea options to keep people on location for that delightful cup.

Filtration water coolers

Enjoy clean and delicious water from a filter, rather than an expensive bottle, for maximum benefits.

Flexible cooler options

Choose from two water cooler models, floor-standing or counter-top, for the perfect fit.

Ideal hot or cold

Relish the filtered water chilled, room temperature, or heated, all on demand.

Improve the atmosphere in your workplace with office coffee service from Superior Vendall at 816-241-8600 or