Enticing food vending machine options for Kansas City and Northwest Missouri locations

Boost company culture

Inspire a more productive and happier workforce by offering delicious food items in your break room.

Hungry employees are distracted and irritable. Improve the atmosphere without them having to leave the workplace by offering a food vending machine from Superior Vendall. We handle all product procurement, restocking, and food safety. It’s the perfect solution for employees who work multiple shifts or where nearby food options are limited.

Genuine food

Made with wholesome ingredients, our fresh food line includes salads, sandwiches, wraps, etc.

Personalized menu

Customize the food vending machine selections to focus on healthy or specialty items.

Benefit employees

Gourmet-style food onsite is a perk that your staff will appreciate for the time it saves.

Drive productivity

With food vending machines, employees can get refreshed and back to work satisfied.

Fresh micro-markets and pantry service

Our food also goes into our cutting-edge micro-markets and benefit-boosting pantry service locations.

We work with each of our customers, growing the fresh food program as the need arises. We can expand the food options at your company from a food vending machine to a more option-rich micro-market. We can also expand the food program further, into a fully subsidized pantry service, with custom items. The solution is customizable and flexible to meet the needs of your employees.

Delicious fresh food variety

Our line of fresh food items are full of gourmet options you wouldn’t think would be in a food vending machine.

Revamp your break room with fresh food using a food vending machine from Superior Vendall at 816-241-8600 or info@superiorvendall.com.