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Office coffee products in Kansas City

Fresh coffee

Regular delivery ensures you always have a fresh supply of coffee, never stale or old beans.

Kansas City office coffee products

Specialty beverages

Add the lattes, cappuccinos, and more once only found in cafes with our gourmet drink options.

Tea services in Kansas City

Better tea

Be inspired with a range of tea classics as well as new blends and infusions sure to please.

Gourmet Route 66 coffees

This premier line of custom roasted coffee offers the enticing flavor and aroma of national brands without the higher price. It’s a special selection of coffees Superior Vendall can offer as part of the USConnect family, making it a unique option for your workplace. Energize in style with a coffee that takes you on a journey from Chicago to California.

Nothing left behind

From stir sticks to coffee cup lids, we provide all the coffee and break room supplies you want.

Make it yours

We can even place your branding and logo on various supplies, such as cups or bags of coffee.

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