Greenwood Village vending machinesVending Machines for Greenwood Village

Keep your Greenwood Village employees happy and satiated by adding a vending machine service from PGI Services. We have all the vending machines you could want, from those that dispense beverages like soft drinks and coffee, to snack vending machines and food vending machines. Our selection of products to fill your vending machines is second to none. We’ll also cater to special requests for your Greenwood location. Vending machines are installed and maintained for free. If you’re looking for a unique fringe benefit to provide your employees, look into our unique vending agreements, like subsidized or free vending.

Add Office Coffee or Water Filtration Services to your Greenwood Village Facility

Greenwood Village operations run on coffee. So why not energize and satisfy your employees with an office coffee service from PGI Services. We have all the major brands, types and flavors of coffees and teas that people crave, and the brewers to make them for any sized operation. From single-cup brewers to larger by-the-pot solutions, we’ll work with you to determine the best options for you.
Perhaps at your Greenwood office, your water quality is lacking? Our water filtration services can help. These bottleless filters connect right to your water supply to deliver better water with a simple turn of a faucet.

Greenwood Village office coffee serviceMicro-Markets Available in Greenwood Village

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a small convenience store right in your Greenwood Village office? What would that mean for productivity if employees no longer had to leave the office for snacks, beverages and food items? Well, you can make it a reality with a Micro-Market service from PGI Services. Instead of a bank of vending machines, we’ll install a range of racks, coolers and displays in your available space. Then we’ll fill them with any products you choose. When the store is ready, employees simply walk in, browse and select the items they want, and bring them to the self-checkout kiosks. A simple scanning of items and a swipe of a card, and people are off to enjoy. It doesn’t get any more convenient.

PGI Services is ready to help you with all of your vending needs. To get started, call 800-580-7266 or send an e-mail to info@