Sandy vending machinesState-of-the-Art Vending Machines in Sandy

Have the best snacks, beverages and food items in your Sandy office with a full-service vending machine program from PGI Services. We have vending machines to cater to any preference, from snack vending machines, to Coke/Pepsi vending machines to food vending machines. Our guarantee to you is that our vending machines will offer the latest in convenience features, from those that offer technology to guarantee product delivery and credit/debit card payment. Remote inventory monitoring lets us know exactly what’s in your machines at any given time. So to maximize efficiency, we always determine what you need before prepping our trucks for delivery. Furthermore, it’s a great way for us to determine what products are performing well, and which aren’t, and making adjustments to your selection accordingly.

Sandy’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Authority

Energize employees and stimulate productivity with an office coffee service from PGI Services for your Sandy facility. We offer many sizes and types of brewers to match your needs, from single-cup brewers to traditional pot brewers, all featuring the latest technologies. Our selection of coffees and teas represent the most popular brands, types and flavors. Not only are we willing to regularly restock your coffee supply and check on your coffee machines regularly, but we’ll also restock your break room items. This includes items such as napkins, cups, plates, creamers and sweeteners.

PGI Services offers a water filtration service that integrates directly with your water supply. These filters, available in counter-top and floor-standing models, plumbs into your water supply to remove the impurities that can affect taste. Once installed, you’ll have better tasting water, hot or cold, available right from the tap.

Sandy vending machinesMicro-Markets Ready to Install in Sandy

If you’re looking for a unique twist on vending that maximizes variety and convenience, check out a Micro-Market for your Sandy location from PGI Services. Rather than standard vending machines, we transform a portion of your office into a corner store – including attractive displays, coolers and racks. There are hundreds of products available to fill your store, from standard vending fare to dairy products and fruit. Customers can simply walk in, choose the products they want and handle the transaction themselves at the integrated self-checkout kiosk. The store can remain open for 24 hours each day, helping to maintain morale for employees working unorthodox schedules.

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